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Version Update 9 February 2007

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2007 3:53 pm    Post subject: Version Update 9 February 2007 Reply with quote

Download here.



Resolved issue with bug in Intel Performance Primitives library causing incorrect decoding of 2-4-8 DCT blocks that also have high contrast.

Added digital signing of all executables.


Recreated installer package to remove erroneous dependency for .NET Framework 2.0.

Recompiled against static Microsoft Visual C++ libraries.

No functional changes.


Corrected an issue with the VfW decoder that would prevent some third-party applications from behaving correctly specifically when installing the VfW version without an existing VfW DV codec.

IMPORTANT! If you install the Video for Windows version without a pre-existing VfW DV codec and third-party programs do not behave correctly, please fully uninstall this product and reinstall it WITHOUT the VfW version. Any third-party VfW DV codecs must be installed prior to installing this product.

Corrected registry clean-up during uninstall.


Recompiled using the latest Microsoft tools and libraries.
Conformed code to Microsoft recommendations to prevent ‘buffer overrun’ attacks by malicious software.
Added check at install for SSE2 processor support.


Video for Windows (VfW) support has been improved. Specifically, the VfW version of the decoder will wrap itself around an existing VfW DV codec and perform the decoder functions. Encoder functions are passed on to the original codec. We have tested this extensively with VirtualDub (Version 1.6.15) and an older VfW version of Adobe Premiere (4.2) without issue. We have also tested Ulead VideoStudio 8 SE Basic (as supplied with the ADS Pyro FireWire PCMCIA card) and do not currently recommend installation of the VfW version of the Enhanced DV Decoder for use with it. We will continue to investigate the issues associated with this combination.

The original VfW codec configuration can be readily restored at any time by running the Remove Video for Windows Version item on the Start Menu.

Similarly, the decoder can be installed for VfW use by using the Install Video for Windows Version item on the Start Menu.

Some VfW DV codecs have additional configuration options (e.g., MainConcept). When the Enhanced DV Decoder is installed for VfW use, the configuration options for the original codec may not be accessible (we are working on a way to overcome this). In order to access the original codec's configuration dialog box, it is necessary to use the RemoverDecoder option (as above). After making any changes, reinstall using the InstallDecoder option.

Corrected determination of audio mode - 32-2ch mode (i.e., 32kHz, 12-bit, dual channel) was being reported as 32 mode (32kHz, 16-bit, single channel)


Corrected a registry configuration problem that was causing an application error whenever the decoder was started.


Two new key features have been added:

1. The recording date can be displayed in one of three selectable formats: YY/MM/DD, DD/MM/YY and MM/DD/YY
2. Camera information encoded at the time of recording can now be displayed by the decoder.

A number of fixes have been made: (i) under certain conditions, moving items in the Position Dialog was not constrained to the ‘pluge’ area; (ii) the display of text has been improved for transparent and semi-transparent backgrounds


An infrequent rounding error caused incorrect decoding of certain types of image content. This release corrects that problem.


Corrected version of runtime library required for DirectShow decoder. Some previous versions incorrectly linked to the debug version of the Microsoft Runtime Library. If this file is not present, error messages such as “Module not found” occurs.

Reset 15-day trial. Any existing trials will restart upon successful installation of


Correct version of VfW version included (previous version erroneously included a debug version that causes harmless error messages when applications using the decoder finish using it).


Corrected a couple of issues with the VfW version of the decoder: inversion of RGB32 images and Configuration Utility not detecting VfW versions of the decoder running. Improved compatibility with VirtualDub - correctly switches MMX state and supports dynamic format changes (required for "Allow Video Overlays" - i.e., support dynamic switching from RGB32 to YUY2 mode).


Corrected a precision rounding algorithm that resulted in certain types of compressed images showing a "dotted grid" artifact. Auto-update feature updated to include support URL.


New Video for Windows version of the decoder included. Help updated to include practical examples of use with third party software. Auto-update feature added to permit software updates to be detected and downloaded from the Enosoft website.

Resolved issue affecting communication between the decoder and the configuration utility. With some applications, a deadlock situation would occur requiring the configuration utility to be terminated via the Task Manager.


Fixed bug causing RGB32-decoded frames to be displayed inverted in some applications. This bug-fix also addresses occasionally decoding to YUY2 when application is expecting RGB.

Fixed bug causing exception when trying to configure an instance of the decoder that is no longer running.

Corrected bitmap updating for Position Dialog. In previous releases, the mini versions of the text items would appear corrupted.

Default Preview option changed to enabled.

Removed all deprecated string handling functions with updated ones that remove any buffer overrun security risks.


Not released.


Removed bug introduced by compiler.

Added msvc71.dll to installation package to ensure correct functioning on Windows 2000 SP4.


Initial Release
John Miller
Enosoft - high performance tools for music and video
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